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Description of the Business:
Delta Tec Heating & Air Conditioning is a full service, HVAC & R mechanical contractor serving the custom residential and commercial market segments. Our capabilities are second to none! We offer Design/Build services and we perform the Installation, Service, Repair, Replacement and Maintenance of custom residential and commercial Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment. In addition, we also fabricate and install general Sheet Metal as a complementary part of our business offerings.

David Gonzalez began in the hvac business in 1972 as a design application engineer. We have since transcended 3 decades of time that has developed a certain expertise in this business. An expertise that equates as a great value for you! During our tenure, we have earned an excellent reputation for providing quality work that is complete and on time!

Mission Statement:
Delta Tec Heating & Air Conditioning is a "TEAM" of dedicated people all working in harmony to apply our trade in a professional workmanlike manner to the best of our ability. As a group of dedicated employees, we will always conduct ourselves in a professional and courteous manner that will continuously earn the respect and trust of our peers, competitors and of course our customers.

It is our pledge that we will conduct business in an honest, ethical and dutiful manner at all times. We will apply our work to the best interest of the customer and to the company! It is our goal to make Delta Tec Heating & Air Conditioning the premier HVAC&R mechanical contractor that everyone wants to work for and be like.

That is why our customers are assured of getting "Affordable Quality & Value Always"

Pricing Guidelines:
Rest assured that we will be an advocate for you as our customer! We will constantly work to earn your belief in us, your trust and your continued business. To that end, we offer competitive prices based on a combination of trade publications, vendor pricing and other competitive, widely accepted trade practices. These principals and practices assure you of a quality product at a competitive price performed by trained personnel.

Our service rate is currently at $85.00 per hour with a truck, fuel, and tool surcharge fee of $15.00. As a "Preferred" or "Blue Ribbon" account you are awarded certain privileges and discounts not available to non-designated accounts. We also offer discounts to military personnel and seniors.

Our hours of operation are 8:am to 4:pm Monday thru Friday, Holidays Excepted. Our terms are net due upon presentation of invoice. Payment may be made by cash, credit card or check. Emergency service is always available!

David Gonzalez, Principal

Delta Tec Heating & Air Conditioning - 844-408-4822

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